Monday, January 21, 2008

Four leaf Cloverfield.

I must say that my expectations were not on the high side for this movie. I was reluctant to get too excited about it. But after seeing it I would rate this as one of my all time favorite movies. Amazing as it sounds.

It had a solid universal story line that I actually ended up caring about. The viewer isn't bombarded with factual information about what is going on and is left in the dark with the characters, which I liked and was thankful for. Im not an idiot and dont care for explinations from the government about where this big monster came from.

There was enough story, enough suspense, and only one small scene that I thought was stupid and fake. I thought the filming was more Borne than Blair Witch. Overall it was mostly believable, the good guys don't live for once, everything is left unresolved except for one small and important three word line that one character says to another that everyone was waiting for.

You might like it. You might not. I recommend seeing it in the theaters.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Stupid Apple.

That was the company name that me and my best friend came up with for our production company a few years back. I like the name a lot. It rolls off the tounge well enough.

But this blog title is directed at Apple. The company I bought a MacPro from two weeks ago. The company who just introduced a new MacPro that is twice as fast as mine. Two freakin weeks later.

Stupid Apple. I hate them right now.