Monday, October 29, 2007

Back to da choppa!

I have been attending a convention down in Atlanta for the past week. WFX stands for Worship Facilities Expo. DPA Microphones had a booth set up which was manned by me and Shane.

The food down there was great, it was cool going with Shane, it was nice being out of the office for a week, but I don't ever want to go to another convention again and here is why:

I had about a one week notice which irritated me. I spent $100 for Dashboard Confessional tickets (tickets and stupid fees) that I ended up throwing away because nobody else could go in place of me and Tess. That in itself sucked, not only was that a lot of money wasted for nothing but Tess and I were really bummed about missing the show. Then to top it off I left Tess in a lonely house in a shady neighborhood for a week with our crazy dog and our handful of a kid that needs a babysitter every other day or so because Tess works part time at Starbucks.

A couple things I am glad I learned: I found out that I really hate sleeping alone even if I do have a king size bed all to myself and there really is nothing good on cable TV.

I think the worst part though was just being away from Tess and Olive. I missed them so much I couldn't believe it.

I am so glad to be home.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Ready Set Go. #1 (two minute session)

A song bird sings as if it scratched the score
to a life that claims the pulse of my heart
breaking through the air surrounding the skin
that holds my insides inside...

A mistake that's easy to make
when two eyes are so unsure of what they see
and two ears unsure of what I think they hear
the music pulls me away from myself
revealing twisted ties of unsurprising lines
drawn in black ink or possibly blue
depending on my mood...

Is this the way that I love you?


I bought a vase full of beautful flowers for my wife while I was on my lunch today. She loved them.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Rose Window Productions

Boring day at work but productive day of research. I want to start a production company that will primarily be involved with Graphic Design (Corporate Identities, T-Shirt designs, any type of freelance job) and Video Production/Editing. The only thing about this is that I first need to legally set up this business.

I have been bouncing from one website to another, each nudging me on to the next with the promise of "more information." A never ending cycle of reading and surfing and not understanding.

Finally I happened upon I found an article about this company on and thought I would give it a try. Amazing I must say that within five minutes of answering questions and filling out information forms I am $109 away from having my production company legally established in the state of Colorado. I feel relieved and excited.

More foot work needs to be done. I have to find out which bank would be the best to set up a business account with. I have to find out about my financing options since the equipment that I need will not be cheap. I need to build my own identity and website. I do already have but no content. I have a rough outlined business plan and a good idea of all the services that I will offer. I still need to come up with workable pricing. I have to research a bit on taxes and if I need to tax my services and how I file at the end of the year. Hmm.

I am sure there is more to this. I hate research. But I will press on and learn as I go.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Quick list for Bryce.

1. There was a small battle that took place. I saw the whole thing, the confidence in the question I wanted to ask, the hesitation because I wanted my first words to be something different than everyone elses, the outcome being exactly what I didn't want but exactly what I knew it would be.

2. "I bet people always ask you how tall you are."

3. I laughed at myself. Mainly because I knew what really just happend. It wasn't just a question.

4. "Six foot nine inches" was his answer.

5. I was sitting outside of Starbucks and was reading "Blue Like Jazz" when I found out that me and Bryce had something in common.

6. I figured that if he liked this book then we would probably get along, probably have some good conversations about life, love, and God.

7. My figures were correct.

8. Quickly we became good friends.

9. I taught him the ropes of Starbucks. (Or maybe he figured them out?)

10. He's a bright kid.

11. We would flail around Starbucks yelling out Arnold Swartz lines and loud lingering "MAAAAAMAAAAAAAAs."

12. I'd throw things at him and he would throw a fit and cuss at me. I would appoligize and hope that he was alright.

12. I'd make it up by making him a "J-ROD."

13. He would tell me how much it sucks that Kate was in another state.

14. I understood.

15. He was soon to wed and move far far away.

16. I was one of the people who tried to talk him out of moving.

17. I told him that Wisconsin would be crappy.

18. He cussed at me.

19. I felt horrible and realized that I needed to support him.

20. I love his honesty and frankness.

21. I missed his wedding because my daughter Olive was born the week of.

22. I felt bad about that. I still feel bad.

23. He moved.

24. He inspired me to start blogging.

25. I check his blog at least three times a day...just waiting for more words.

26. I miss him.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Somebody save the Honky-Tonk

I've needed some sort of change lately. I chopped off most of my hair, it was getting quite long. My usual emo/mullet is gone. I look somewhat clean cut besides the beard I am growing again. It's an anual thing, the beard. Anyways...what I am really writing about is music.

This need for change was met by some old school country music. My buddy Jed has been plugging away while tuned in to Merle Haggard and such. I am hooked. allows you set up a personal radio station. You just type in a band that you like and they will play that band along with lots of other bands with that sort of style. It's like the ultimate un-ending mix-tape.

If you'd like some good music that will get your foot-a-tappin or tears a-rollin...then build a station with Patsy Cline and Willie Nelson. There is nothing like the soothing sounds of a smooth voice, steel guitar, mandolin, and lyrics full of truth, pain, and love. The original.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Le Week-end

Woke up early saturday morning to change, feed, and dress my precious daughter. Skipped breakfast to drop my wife off at work (Starbucks). I then dropped Olive off at her grandparents house so that I could ride my motorcycle one last time. Sold it to a cool guy that resides in Boulder. The bike fits him well. He was really grateful and even gave me an extra $100 cash on top of my selling price. Nice guy. I spent the rest of the day on the side of the fence where the grass turns brown and prickly.

Sunday was a good day. We arrived at church a usual 20 minutes late. Spent about an hour sitting outside of Chipotle enjoying the 75 degree fall day. Then went on a hike up sugarloaf canyon and enjoyed the sun dip behind the Rocky Moutains. Went to bed too late for a monday morning. But thats alright.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Another summer ends.

I can't see it but it feels good right now. There is a cool fall breeze touching my face and challenging the sunlight that warms my neck. Even if I didn't know that it is October I would still know that this breeze tells of Autumn. There is a coolness that voids the warmth of the sun.

Each spring I feel an urgency, I feel close to the sun, like we're friends. I tell people that I am scared fall will sneak up on me. I know that I will miss the warmth of summer, taking it for granted.

But sitting here right now waiting for the line in Starbucks to dissipate. I am grateful for this breeze. It creates a new page to write on which I am thankful for.

Monday, October 01, 2007

My mistake free job.

While sitting for my interview a couple of months ago I was told by the president of DPA Microphones, Inc. Bruce Myer that he runs a flawless and mistake free business. I was lectured about how anytime the human hand is a part of something that mistakes will inevitably happen. I agreed. Then I was told that within the walls of DPA, mistakes don't happen. I was told that if I shipped out the wrong product then I would make this company look like a failure and would be wasting the time and hard work of all other DPA employees.

I had a constant stress headache for my first month employed. The pain transfered to my neck during the second month. Here I am starting my third month. I'm not sure what sort of pain October will bring.

But they did just buy me a maxed out IMAC for graphics...