Friday, December 21, 2007

My bland office and awesome sweater.

So, last day of work till January 2nd! I am so happy about this. 12 consecutive days off all paid!! I posted this picture of me in my office. My office is quite boring and uninspiring which doesn't make too much sense since I am a graphic designer, eh? Poop. I'm not allowed to add anything to the office. But who cares anyways. My sweater is my inspiration today. I won't blog again till after the break so...

Happy holidays to all!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Ready Set Go. #2 (1 min.)

Back on track I can see my back
straighten and become strong,
my mind follows and before long
I know that I am where I am supposed to be
and all I need to do is find out
who in the hell is this real me.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Ohhh, Christmas. My old friend.

I love the Christmas season. Mostly because it brings back so many great memories of warmth, family, good cartoons, good music, and everything that just felt right. It is hard though when you get older.

Now being 27 and married and with a 6 month old baby girl it is so hard to slow down and soak it in. Everyday is filled with stuff to do and places to go and people that need something. Me and Tess finally sat down last night and watched the Grinch try to steal Christmas and he failed again because Christmas doesn't rely on presents and food. That was nice to cuddle by the lit Christmas tree and watch a childhood favorite. We still need to see Rudolf and Charlie Brown experience Christmas. We're pacing ourselves. Bringing back memories slowly and hopefully making new ones, won't know for a while though.

It helps that I look like Christmas. That is what a big beard will do. It makes the sky want to snow and makes children want to pull laugh (which hurts real bad).

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Some good things.

My brother just broke the news that he and his wife Jennifer are pregnant! I am super excited for them. They have been trying for a long while and it looked as if it was only going to be a miracle to get pregnant because of some issues...they got their miracle! So that is really cool...

Me and Tess were able to go see MAE and Anberlin in concert on Sunday night. Not only was the show awesome as usual (Both bands are my favorite live bands) but we got to see MAE put on an acoustic show for 12 people including us in their dressing room. They were having a toy drive so if you brought some toys you were taken in for the show. Awesome.

I got a raise and slight promotion at work. I am now officially DPA Microphones, Inc. Graphic Designer/Marketing guy. It will be nice to be creative all day long now. The shipping thing was getting really boring for me.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I could have been nicer to him.

I went home like usual, this time to an empty house. Tess took Olive and met some of her family out at some mall on the other side of Denver. I prepared to have a somewhat lonesome lunch. At least we have a cat named James and a dog named Emitt.

Both of these animals are awesome. They love everyone, they always want attention. The cat listens like no other pet I have ever come across. First off if you say anything that is somewhat directed towards this cat he assumes you asked him to cuddle, so he struts over to you and treats you like his lover. But...if you tell him "No" then he will walk away or frantically run depending on his mood, he is quite the character. He is a Maine Coon. A big cat that acts like a dog. Me and him chase each other around the house. It's fun. He makes me laugh all the time.

On the other hand, our dog, Emitt. He doesn't listen, well, he listens and understands but it's up to him whether he wants to obey or not. He is freakin smart. He learned to sit, stay, and shake in one day. He knows. He KNOWS. But he doesn't always DO. He makes up for it, he is pretty cute. He's an American Bulldog so he kind of looks like a pit bull but with a bulldog face...really pretty dog. He's a big dog, a good guard dog, a good family dog. He loves everyone and gets so excited when he meets new people. Big brown eyes that love being alive. I got him for Tess.

Anyways...back to my lunch story.

I opened the door to a quite house like I anticipated. I walked into the kitchen to fix me up something good, probably reheat the tuna salad that Tess made the night before. I grab a plate from the cupboard and glance out the window and notice trash spread across our yard. Freakin dogs! (We also have a 100lb Bernese Mountain dog that we are baby sitting) Dropping my plate on the counter. We have plastic plates. I walk outside and start picking everything up. Jake (Bernese) is sitting by the sliding glass door and I see Emitt laying in the corner of the yard soaking up the sun. He always spralls out when the sun is shining. I can only fit so much trash in my hands at one time so I make a trip to the trash can and call for Emitt. He's always so happy to see me, anyone for that matter. But he just lays there. I make my way towards him all the while picking up pieces of chewed plastic and cardboard.

My heart dropped. I havn't had something close to me die for a long time. It's been at least 20 years since I have seen something I love, lifeless. I stood probably 10 feet from him. His chest wasn't moving. I learned from movies that you can tell if someone or something is dead if their chest doesn't move. I specifically whispered "No." A common reaction I guess. It was a cardboard container. It took a lot of my strength to release the it, it was a perfect fit, no air in, no air out. How random that it fit tight around his head. I was confused. I didn't want to do it but I had to, I started compressing his chest. I knew it wouldn't help but I had to try, his eyes were open.

I wanted to call my mom, she would know what to do. I didn't have a phone though, it's still broken. I was on my own. I am so glad Tess was having fun at that moment. I am glad it was me who found him.

My hour was spent alone. I had to put my five month old American Bull dog named Emitt in two plastic trash bags and then in a cardboard box. I told my cat to get out of my way. I ate a Snickers bar on my way back to work and I had to call Tess from my office phone and try not to cry just yet.