Monday, June 30, 2008

Ha, weddings.

I had thought that I would enjoy filming and editing wedding videos to make some money, possibly make a good living off of it. I've got a friend who does. Well, found out it isn't my thing. Now I've got to figure out how to pay off all the crap I bought for my "wedding video" business. Hopefully something will come up, eh? 

Oh, Texas.

Thank you for showing me the great love you have for yourself. I felt it so strongly. I will forever remember what your state flag looks like, the star, gosh that star. And the roads, the on-ramps and off-ramps so well thought out and not in any way confusing, I just loved that asphalt of yours! There's your food... wonderful. Fast food everywhere, grease and staleness made my taste buds tingle and my belly jiggle. Oh, and thank you for purging my body of impurities through my sweat glands. The beautifully hot and humid weather was amazing! My shirts were stained with salt creating the most wonderful designs. 

Thank you Texas for making me love Colorado so much more than I did last week. Tip of the hat.  

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Encounter July / Summit Four Square Church

Sandy sand.

The ocean is so far from
these eyes,
these ears,
my senses.
Beauty. Sound. Smell. 

Raise thy voices all yea seagulls
fill the air with your freedom
let me hear.

Waves, crash and linger
bring all thy memories.
Tell of thy journey for I shall listen. 

Clouds, dance. 
Sun, set. 
Moon, rise. 

For day shall pass and night just as fast.

A glimpse I take at my fighting past 
a sadness of loss and love and belief 
and security and freedom and confidence 
and direction and foundation. 

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Creatively lazy.

I am somewhat creative. I love art in all its forms. I really love to create art in as many forms as I can but lately I have been so overwhelmed by all these crazy ideas that I have. There are too many projects that I want to complete that I have not completed anything in months. (For the most part)

How can I focus? 

How can I prioritize? 

Hmm. Anyways. 

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


The great city of Chicago. I experienced a bit of it on DPA's account. Me and Emily were sent out to the Willow Creek Convention in Schaumburg. The show was short and easy to say the least. This trip actually turned out pretty fun. We had a whole day to spend in the city. We were supposed to meet up with Bryce, but...his job at the 'Bucks got in the way.

We took the L downtown which was my first experience on public transportation besides a bus ride from Longmont to Boulder. The train was fairly clean, the stops were really dirty and I didn't really like being in an enclosed environment with so many people that I didn't know. But anyways...we misread the train map and exited a mile or so too soon. The comenced the walking. There was a lot of walking before we finally found what we were looking for. Some real Chicago pizza. Wow. I couldn't move after putting down two deep dish slices and a Sam Adams Seasonal. It was so great.

From there we went to Navy Pier which made me miss the ocean and cool but warm humid weather that is found on the coasts. Then we took a cool little trolly to millenium park. That place was awesome, I wish we could have spent more time there. Sipping on some coffee we had the chance to enjoy a free concert by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. That was awesome...

We walked our way to the Sears Tower and wasted $12 for a ride to the top. Not that cool. Should have went to the John Hancock tower which Bryce and Emily had mentioned, but we forgot. So...train ride back and that was that.

I'd really like to go back on Vacation with family and friends. It's a cool place that I would really like to see more of.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Teva Mountain Games - Vail

Kind of a crappy picture but this looks down on the Bouldering World Cup Semi-Finals. Me and Tess spent the weekend up there watching the worlds best climbers pull. To say the least it was pretty inspiring. Chris Sharma was there and at one point was standing pretty much right behind me, I kept glancing back to find person after person talking to him, shaking his hand...I wanted so bad to talk to him, shake his hand...but it seemed like he wanted to just chill with his girl and watch the rest of the comp. For some reason he didn't climb well...but who cares, he is an amazing climber. Daniel Woods of Boulder made it into the finals and climbed well. That was cool. Anyways...quick post about it. 

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The First Encounter Service

It went really well. It was fun to serve, to be a part of building something for God and for other people. There was an awesome time of worship, the band we had put together was great. I ended up performing an acoustic solo, a song I wrote that was inspired by the events of my brother becoming deathly ill for a weekend. (He is recovering btw) Boy was I nervous though, didn't think I would be but as soon as I was walking up there I got really nervous...forgot some lyrics but played it out pretty well. It's been like 3 years since I sang and played in front of people. Anyways...I'll keep some updated info about the upcoming Encounter service that will be held on July 1st.